Access Safety
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Our patented Access Safety program is custom designed to give your facility an individualized program to suit your needs. Our program is designed to:

  • Provide a comprehensive interpreted drug interaction report.
  • Helps in the discovery of possible harmful drug interactions in residents.
  • Medical review officer who corresponds individually with your medical director and staff.
  • Consultive solutions with our team of toxicologists, legal and medical staff.
  • Discourages any possible diversion of prescribed medications.
  • Provides a written report with expert consultation to help satisfy liability concerns.
  • Lab testing uses state of the art testing technology.
  • Collection professionals that collect and package all specimens for shipping.
  • Shipping via overnight carrier.
  • Reporting to secured fax or HIPAA compliant web site.
  • All testing billed to residents insurance.



Access Diagnostics is a professional organization that has brought new and innovative testing procedures to market. Our goal is to provide total safety to long term care, rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes.

We strive to give Long term care facilities, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers around the country the most comprehensive prescription safety program available on the market.


“Providing resident safety , giving our clients and their families peace of mind and comfort to our clients residents is our mission and our goal” G. Powell, President Access diagnostics