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Access Diagnostics has designed our program as a Total patient safety program first and foremost.

It has been widely known that a major concern of medical professionals as well as most long term care facilities is the distribution of prescription medicines.

Are these medications getting to the right resident and if they are on multiple medications is there a chance of a mistake or dangerous drug interaction? In addition the growing incidents of misappropriation of drugs, theft of drugs etc. has become a focal point of the DEA and other law enforcement agencies.




Access Diagnostics has developed a new program called Access Safety that addresses all of these issues by utilizing the newest and most innovative collection method and testing available, oral fluid, allowing us to provide the most comprehensive safety program at no additional cost to your facility.

The program works like this:

  1. Access Diagnostics mobile collection team works is assigned to do collections of specimens for our testing. This eliminates any chance of delay in filling out forms or down time of your staff. Packages are sent by courier or overnight air service to our laboratory
  2. When the packages arrive at the Lab they are unpacked and tested promptly. Normal results are reported via fax or by accessing or HIPAA compliant web site. Reports are made available to the medical director or primary care physician and if need be the facility.
  3. Abnormal results or results that display possible harmful drug interactions are transmitted to Access Diagnostic's Medical Review Officer. The MRO evaluates the test and compares the results to the medications being prescribed or in some cases not prescribed.
  4. The MRO then calls the primary care physician and discusses the case with the physician and instructs the lab to hold the specimen, rerun the specimen or close out the result listing as complete when total satisfaction is achieved.
  5. The test is billed to the resident's insurance and the case closes.

“ Safety is a major concern of our facility and Access Safety helps provide us with Peace of Mind that our residents are being cared for at the highest level”