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Access Diagnostics offers nursing homes, long term care and rehabilitation facilities the patented Access Safety program which helps assure the utmost in resident safety for your facility.

Access Safety utilizes a simple oral fluid drug test which takes only 3 minutes to collect. This test effectively analyzes the presence or lack of presence of parent drug in your residents. The results are important in giving medical professionals:

  • Information on drug levels present in residents.
  • Alerts physicians and administrators to possible harmful drug interactions.
  • Insures that residents are properly receiving medications.
  • Helps coordinate efforts to provide the most comprehensive service to help direct care plans.
  • Medical Review Officer coordinates with medical professionals to uncover and solve any possible abnormal results to insure resident safety.



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“Providing resident safety , giving our clients and their families peace of mind and comfort to our clients residents is our mission and our goal” G. Powell, President Access diagnostics